Work with the ABMS Research and Education Foundation

The ABMS Research and Education Foundation’s programs and partnerships draw upon a wide range of intellectual resources from specialty organizations and institutions across the nation and even internationally. Our collaborations with many of the world’s preeminent physicians, educators, and researchers contribute significantly to our service offerings and activities, including:

  • Collaboration on articles, research and publications
  • Education outreach through conferences, guest speakers, webinars and other programs
  • Grant funding development and management
  • Research program services studies

The ABMS Research and Education Foundation is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and maintaining medical integrity, objectivity, and academic independence. Our aim is to provide the highest value to the profession in accomplishing the following purposes:

  • Identifying reliable, valid and cost-effective tools for assessing practice performance of physician specialists as part of certification by ABMS Member Boards
  • Improving the capacity to measure, assess, and evaluate the educational, scientific, clinical, and professional qualifications of physicians engaged in the practice of medical specialties
  • Focusing on the credibility of the standards established for specialists certified by ABMS Member Boards and the significance of emerging research findings for certification and maintenance by ABMS Member Boards
  • Conducting public and industry education programs on the importance of certification

We work with organizations that share a common interest in helping assure patient care is of the highest quality and that medical services are available to everyone. Together, we are motivated to pursue excellence in how health care is delivered and how physicians are trained and continue to grow in their professional knowledge. Partnerships may include:

  • Sponsored research and programs (grants, agreements)
  • Fiduciary agent for collaborative programs and program services
  • Contractor for research sponsored by the Foundation
  • Grant recipient
  • Joint education events, publications and sponsorships
  • Volunteer, panel member, subject matter expert

If you are interested in working with us, please email