ABMS Board of Directors

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is to foster the long-term success of ABMS. In fulfilling this role, each director exercises his or her good faith business judgment of the best interests of the organization. The ABMS Board of Directors’ volunteer members represent working and retired individuals from coast-to-coast with a broad range of experience in patient care, health policy, business, and community service.

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ABMS Board of Directors 2016-2017

First Row (L to R): Barbara S. Schneidman, MD, MPH; Catherine R. Lucey, MD; Anne-Marie Irani, MD; Susan Dentzer, MA (Public Member); Robert H. Miller, MD, MBA (Secretary-Treasurer); John C. Moorhead, MD, MS (Chair); Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA (President and Chief Executive Officer); Barry S. Smith, MD (Chair Elect); Rebecca L. Johnson, MD; Larry A. Green, MD; Joanna R. Fair, MD, PhD; Denece O. Kesler, MD, MPH

Second Row (L to R): Thomas W. Hess, JD (Public Member); Keith E. Brandt, MD; Gail A. McGuinness, MD; James G. Lifton, MBA (Public Member); Pamela J. Boyers, RN, MA, PhD (Public Member); David J. Schoetz, Jr., MD; Bruce J. Gantz, MD; Jo Buyske, MD; Anthony Chiodo, MD; Larry C. Gilstrap III, MD; Randall K. Roenigk, MD; E. Sander Connolly Jr., MD; Daniel J. Cole, MD; Miriam G. Blitzer, PhD; Valerie P. Jackson, MD; Michael L. Carius, MD; John G. Clarkson, MD; Gerald H. Jordan, M

Not Pictured: Valerie M. Parisi, MD, MPH, MBA (Immediate Past Chair); Walter H. Merrill, MD; Terrance D. Peabody, MD. Eve M. Kurtin, PharmD, MBA (Public Member), Barbara Wachsman (Public Member)

John C. Moorhead, MD, MS, FACEP Chair
Barry S. Smith, MD Chair Elect
Robert H. Miller, MD Secretary-Treasurer
Valerie M. Parisi, MD, MPH, MBA Immediate Past Chair
Lois Margaret Nora, MD, JD, MBA President and Chief Executive Officer
Miriam G. Blitzer, PhD At-Large
Keith E. Brandt, MD At-Large
Jo Buyske, MD At-Large
Michael L. Carius, MD At-Large
Anthony Chiodo, MD At-Large
John G. Clarkson, MD At-Large
Daniel J. Cole, MD At-Large
E. Sander Connolly, Jr., MD At-Large
Joanna R. Fair, MD, PhD At-Large
Bruce Gantz, MD At-Large
Larry C. Gilstrap III, MD At-Large
Larry A. Green, MD At-Large
Anne-Marie Irani, MD At-Large
Valerie P. Jackson, MD At-Large
Rebecca L. Johnson, MD At-Large
Gerald H. Jordan, MD At-Large
Denece O. Kesler, MD, MPH At-Large
Catherine R. Lucey, MD At-Large
Gail A. McGuinness, MD At-Large
Walter H. Merrill, MD At-Large
Terrance D. Peabody, MD At-Large
Randall K. Roenigk, MD At-Large
Barbara S. Schneidman, MD, MPH At-Large
David J. Schoetz Jr., MD At-Large
Pamela J. Boyers, MA, PhD ABMS Public Member
Susan Dentzer ABMS Public Member
Thomas W. Hess, JD ABMS Public Member
Eve Kurtin, PharmD, MBA ABMS Public Member
James G. Lifton, MBA ABMS Public Member
Barbara Wachsman ABMS Public Member