ABMS Board Certification Report

2Graphics-02.jpgWhat’s the most important reason specialists become ABMS board certified? You.

Board certification by an ABMS Member Board is the premier, independently assessed credential attainable in medicine today. It represents a physician’s personal and public commitment to the standards of specialty practice and the promise of providing high-quality care.

With a distinct level of achievement that goes beyond licensure—including additional education, hands-on experience, and ongoing assessment—board certification indicates to patients, families, and communities that a specialist is upholding the tenants of the credential.

Strong and Growing

ABMS board certification is held by more than 860,000 physicians. Each year approximately 40,000 specialty and subspecialty certificates are issued to those who demonstrate mastery of core skills and knowledge related to their specialty, pass an ABMS Member Board administered exam, maintain the standards for professionalism and communication, and take part in continued assessment and learning to ensure they remain appropriately up-to-date in their field of practice.