How Does ABMS Support Physicians?

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The board certification programs of the 24 ABMS boards include continuous assessment and activities to further physicians’ professional development. ABMS supports physicians throughout their careers by bringing a number of innovative programs to where they practice. The programs help early-career physicians further research, connect physicians with emerging scientific studies and practice-relevant continuing medical education, and recognize the work physicians are doing to improve the quality and safety of care.

The programs include:

How Does ABMS Advance Board Certification?

ABMS works to educate everyone on the importance of board certification. We learn from and work with others who value the credential which helps us fine-tune the process – making it more meaningful to physicians and valuable to patients. Our initiatives include:

  1. ABMS Annual Conference gathers physician executives, professional staff and leaders and professionals from across the health care spectrum to share the latest innovations in assessment and board certification.
  2. Achieving the Vision reflects the efforts of the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission, convened as part of the ABMS Vision Initiative that brought together multiple stakeholders to envision a system of continuing board certification that is meaningful, relevant and of value to physicians while remaining responsive to the patients, hospitals, and others who expect that physicians are maintaining their knowledge and skills to provide quality specialty care.
  3. CertLink and ABMS International, part of ABMS Assessment Services, provides technology and consulting to design, deliver and maintain online assessment programs that drive physician professional development and learning.
  4. COVID-19 Information provides important news, data and information for board certified physicians and their colleagues.
  5. Health Policy shares the vision of higher standards, better care to build relationships with policymakers at all levels and gain support for our Member Board certification programs.